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Saturday, February 23, 2013

108 Words for Saturday Centus

We didn't snuggle right up to each other while sleeping together - spooning was too sweaty for us, under our heavy comforter. But I liked for our feet to be touching: my foot on bottom, the gentle pressure of yours pressing down from above. And sometimes, our hands would be touching too, above our heads, and I would imagine we made the shape of a Hallmark heart. Sappy, huh? But I did. Your muscles would flex a little just when you were letting go into full sleep. I miss that. Without you around, I sleep like a baby: fitfully and waking up every three hours grouchy and hungry.


  1. Beautiful commentary but sad that he's no longer around.



    1. Er, she was a she.
      I am the he.

      Guess I write like a girl...


  2. No, you write like a writer! Great take on the prompt!!

  3. Love that you have written it truly as the statement means: never have I had a baby that slept well ;) So the flipping, flopping, crying, etc is extremely accurate :)

    Visiting from Saturday Centus

  4. Kinda heartbreaking but I love sappy. Great take on the prompt.

  5. Wow.


    I am almost weepy from this.

    Seriously. This guy should share his writing...I think he'd get the girl back!

    This was awesome!


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