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Hi. Welcome. Eugene here. Thanks for visiting.

I'm thinking that this really very bloggy blog Quid Pro Quo and my sprawling, organic, kaleidoscopic web presence in general might be a bit confusing for some. So many links! What's it all about?

Well, for starters, I'm promoting my books:


I'm also promoting the Amazon ACX audition process for both Way Out and The Boon
The brilliant ACX service enables authors to find narrators to turn their books into audiobooks.

I have created two Facebook pages designed to help along others with similar interests: Seven Eff for those interested in audiobook narration, and Promote Your Book Free for... well, the name says it all. If you would be so kind as to 'like' one or both of these pages, I'd appreciate it greatly!

Over the past few years, in the course of promoting my books online, I have created copious posts on various blogs and sites, as well as my own Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please consider sending me a friend request and/or following me on those.

Here, I blog along sporadically... random content, original writing, book reviews and promotions, giveaways, etc... Sometimes, I go months without a post; other times, I make ten posts a day!

As you browse Quid Pro Quo, you'll see that I like to participate in link-ups and blog hops, and take inspiration from various writing prompts. Sources of prompts and hops come and go, which tends to result in false leads and dead links here and there. Pruning these, and planting fresh ones on the old sidebar is all part of the joy of blogging.

What else to mention? Oh, I have a stash of poems on Allpoetry.

Yep, bouncing around my webby microcosm can be dizzying I think, but I hope it is fun for some.

Thanks for reading!

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