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Monday, October 5, 2015

Haibun at the dverse pub

At the dverse bar and grill, they are serving up two quotes by Kahlil Gibran:

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.
Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.

The challenge is to create a haibun using these two quotes for inspiration.

A haibun is prose followed by a haiku.

Challenge considered...

Challenge accepted!

Here is my haibun:

My best friend has a cold. "One more week to go," she says, "because every cold lasts two weeks." Shall I mail her a box of tissues? No. I don't want her to like me any more than she already does. There's a thin line in a friendship between a single man and a married woman. What would her husband say if she received a box of tissues in the mail? How does he manage to put up with his wife having a bachelor for a best friend in the first place? It is a mystery to me.

Summer becomes fall
The common cold rears its head
Achoo! (pardon me.)


  1. If the husband respects the friendship, I think it would be fine to send a box of tissues ~ I smiled at your achoo...haiku, how timely for the common cold to rear its ugly head ~

    I like the light-hearted haibun ~ Nice to meet you and thanks for being a part of Haibun Monday ~

  2. Well you said yourself that you don't want her to like you any more than she already does but that you are "best friends." A bit of a contradiction there I believe. Best he holds off sending tissues if he's on the fence about their relationship. I like your "achoo" in your haiku too...cute!

  3. There is both lightness & levity in this fun-laced haibun; leaving us wanting to know more about these folks.

  4. What a clever way to confess your affair---to us, at least. How funny to suggest that sending her tissues would be crossing a line but "sharing a cold" is not.

  5. I think it might be a challenge for many .. But to me there is nothing strange in being friends.. Tissues is a great comfort, but maybe it's not needed. 2 weeks is a long time to be apart from a friend.

  6. What a cute story/haibun, delightfully written. And yes, best tread carefully, to avoid sad endings.

  7. Yes..worth thinking about the husband's reaction... But on the other hand ..what's friendship without timely tissue boxes?? :)

  8. Yes, sometimes wise to think a bit ahead. If you are worried about a husband's reaction, perhaps there is reason to be.

  9. Ah.. human maturity.. comes with understanding
    Sensing.. Feeling.. Living.. yes.. Loving
    spiRiTuAl Love and seNsuaLitY..
    connecTinG forces creativiTy
    regulaTinG greaTest
    LoVe heArts
    sPirits balancing
    WeLL water SoUls
    Human Being..

    Human sensuality
    sins not.. Pure Love..:)

  10. Great to meet you! I do like this haibun. I read it to my husband who had a good laugh and smile. You see, my third best friend is a handsome young man young enough to be my son. His second best friend is a lesbian. So we most def pick our friends for how they nourish us. This was a smiley haibun and most wonderfully written. I hope you will join us more often. Spencer is Kanzensakura

  11. Ha,.. So many questions and layers here, all wrapped up in a smile. And bless you!


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