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Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Would You Have Said?

And the prompt from VelvetVerbosity for the 100 Word Challenge is: Surviving

Here's my hundred:

Sole Surviving Relative

The lawyers (one of the firm’s interns, actually, name of Thompson) found Arthur Wilkes’ great-nephew working in an auto repair shop. When Thompson arrived at the shop and approached, mindful of his loafers on the oil-stained concrete, the only heir of the until-most-recently well-to-do Wilkes was working a machine that spun a tire so that you could take the rubber off the rim with a huge screwdriver-like tool. Wilkes’ sister’s grandson: last fruit of a fantastically unlucky, short-lived family tree… Informed that he stood to inherit a cool million, the man had this to say: “Far out.” 


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