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Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Week For Writing's Current Prompt: small

Prompt 84 – Small

Small things do matter, I feel. I believe it more so after starting the 100 days of happiness challenge recently. Recording the daily moments that bring me joy have been fun. I hope to continue and complete that challenge as well. Then there’s these prompts. A small thing, but it matters a lot to see quite a few of you writing for them, and they’re a joy to read. I’m not able to comment because of busyness in the office hours and such, but I hope to come by your spaces really soon. Today’s prompt is a a word prompt, and the word is SMALL.
Please add your link to the InLinkz only if you have written for the prompt. The InLinkz stays open for till Sunday. 4th October 2015, 23:55IST. You’ll know the time remaining to link up at the bottom of the tool. Cheers!

(The prompt might be a word, a few words, a picture, a phrase, an idea. It’ll be different. You can be inspired in the way you want to be… so you can write – haiku, short verses, flash fiction, long stories, a ballad or even just ramble.
I hope you have fun! Oh. You can combine it with other prompts too. Not necessary that your post must only be inspired by the prompt here.)

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