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Sunday, October 4, 2015

To What I've Been Up (Joining in on Caffeinated Book Reviewer's "Sunday Post")

So... A little over a week ago, I have one of these thunderclap ideas. You know, the kind that sock you and rock you and positively demand to be brought to fruition. I've just wrapped up a couple of writes, you see, a couple of pieces, works, whatever you call them. And I'm liking these writes. I'm liking them a great deal. So my thought is this: I've got to get some other human beings to look at these writes! And then comes the idea. I'll run a web promo, a rafflecopter for a handful of giftcards (because who can resist gift cards), and but okay so here's the thunderclap - I'll put a write, an original fiction of mine, RIGHT ON THE RAFFLECOPTER!

So I do.

Problem being, though I used to blog quite a bit a couple years ago, I've left the pursuit by the wayside. So here I go, sniffing down my old trail, pinging old contacts, picking up a few old blogs I used to run and revamping and rejuvenating them, and making a few new blogs in the process... getting all these pages and posts interlinked into one big gnarly glorious webby mesh. The undertaking consumes me. I don't sleep. I fall behind in my classes. I miss appointments. I forget to eat.

 But now, at the end of the week, or more like 10 days in, actually, my thunderclap idea is fully realized. The rafflecopter, laden with my manuscript, is aloft. I'm rapidly approaching 1000 entries in the giveaway, with 19 days before the winners are to be chosen.

In the process of realizing my goal of helping my writing find some readers, I have rediscovered the joy of banging around the sweet swinging blogosphere here. It's amazing how time warps as one bounces site to site, taking in all manner of random content, linking up here and there, tooling away at one's own pages and posts... There have been days this week that I got home from work and sat down to the computer for a brief session, only to look up from what I'm busy doing and see that it's time to go back to work again. 

Speaking of work, I've got to get cracking on some number crunching here, so I'll have to be wrapping up this post. If you're at all inclined to see what I mean when I say I've created a webby mesh to support this promotion, just type this into a search engine:

"The Diamond Grenade Blurb Raffle"




  1. Man, I could not figure the contest out. A. I couldn't find it, and B. I don't have the kind of time it would take to find the writing, read it and then do all those tasks. I thought this was an interesting and new idea for promotion but why make it so round about? If you want people to read your piece and entice them to do so, why not a direct link to it?
    Unless there really is nothing there but one link to another? A flying goose chase?

    1. Bummer. I have the rafflecopter up in four or five places, so I'm surprised you couldn't find it. Same with the actual texts - they're linked in everywhere. And you don't really have to do anything to gain entries in the raffle except visit a couple of facebook pages. Ah well, if you don't have time, you don't have time.


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