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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wooden-hearted Daughter

wooden-hearted daughter

breathing down his neck

crisp words of concern for his health

pure hatred only halfway beneath

finally rocking back on her heels

and slapping the glass from his hand

to shatter and splash across the floor

the whiskey that he’s needing so

to keep from coming apart

at the seams

(click pic for more takes on this 12-word prompt)


  1. The title is wonderful as is the poem itself - i wonder if she truly has a wooden heart..it feels like they both have a dependency..for him the whiskey - for her, him - perhaps in some way knocking the glass away is love - we don't get angry with people we don't care about...

  2. Sheer desperation and her last resort to make him see the light. She's doing it out of love, but can he he see it?

  3. Human relationships are complicated. Can see both sides of the coin on this issue. Great use of the words and a very interesting topic.


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