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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ongoing Blogger Opps courtesy of The Hopping Bloggers!

Giving Thanks Giveaway Hop Ends 11/9 (Need 20+ Bloggers):http://thehoppingbloggers.com/blogger-opp-giving-thanks-hop/

December to Remember Giveaway Hop Ends 11/28 (Need 20+ Bloggers): http://thehoppingbloggers.com/december-to-remember-hop/

DreamWorks' Trolls Group Giveaway (Need 20+ Bloggers):http://thehoppingbloggers.com/dreamworks-trolls-group-give…/

Marvel's Doctor Strange Group Giveaway (Need 20+ Bloggers):http://thehoppingbloggers.com/doctor-strange-group-giveaway/

The Hopping Bloggers Blogger Database (currently accepting bloggers of all niches & sizes for upcoming campaigns):https://goo.gl/forms/UdigKMUj6y9Z2zoS2

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