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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Then What :: Wordle, Whirl, Scribblings

Aaah, Sunday at last. I've been looking forward to this.

Prompts, prompts prompts!

Why, here's the twelve word Wordle of the Sunday Whirl, twelve more words from the Whirligig, and one from Sunday Scribblings to boot.

Twenty-five words in all with which to craft a careful piece of writing...

Wordle: plant, way, thousand, thrive, birth, we, spent, break, delve, bounce, wake, tell

Whirligig: woodland, twilight, count, wheeling, lighter, lover, passion, wander, drift, edge, pool, find

While we wander this twilight way, lover
I’ll tell you a forbidding tale
Of a woodland held under a horrible spell

Into the origins of the enchantment we shall not delve
Lest we find ourselves beset by the self-same magick
Suffice it to say that terrible energies were at work

Now in this wood was a dark, fertile pool, where a wicked plant did thrive
With long, gnarled roots splayed over the rocks and a flower of great potency
After which a thousand men sought, for its nectar inspired wanton passion

So it was that one stormy eve, a nefarious Count into the wood did ride
His hawk wheeling above, his hounds running ahead, his second at his side
And he spent the night not far from the pool, biding on a lighter sky

Come morn the Count did wake, break camp and fiercely onward forge
Until he found the plant, the dark flower whose tendrils in the pool did drift
And with the care of a surgeon, did extract its fabled blood


  1. wow. just wooow. weaving those words into one epic piece is sheer talent.

  2. What a splendid tale, and so well written!
    Thanks for the follow.

    1. Thanks, Sara. Say, splendid is a splendid word isn't it? Just like languid is languid...

  3. Nice, Uttley, with a dark and mystical feel. I like!

  4. Beautifully written. I love the formal style English you've used. I found this week's 24 went together so well; you have woven them together seamlessly.

    Keith's Ramblngs is 10 today!

  5. What a story....and Then What?


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