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Monday, October 17, 2016

The Necessary Monster (no, not political commentary!)

Welcome to this week’s Open Book Blog Hop. This week we’re talking about the death of characters, or more specifically:

How do you feel about the death of fictional characters? These can be your own or those of other authors. How would you do it? Do you have a criteria for who can die? Would you ever kill off a named character?
I once read somewhere that one of the daunting challenges facing any writer is 'unleashing the monster' on the characters of the piece. Thinking about the death of characters for this week's Open Book Blog Hop puts me in mind of 'the monster'...

how reluctant I myself have been to unleash it on my own characters, and yet ultimately how necessary doing so has been.

The monster could be just about anything, of course. It could be your garden-variety creature-of-the-night, it could be disease or addiction, it could be the damn robot aliens, it could be death itself.

I'm not feeling particularly long-winded at the moment, so I'll just reiterate: unleashing the monster on our dear characters may be the last thing we writers really want to do, but in the end... we must!

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