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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A few nibbles and one big bite!

Well, the 'quid pro quo' gambit has worked out at least once -- review to be posted in the next few days. The memoir/narrative nonfiction niche is a bit specialized, and I can't boast many (any?) followers, which be the honey to attract the masses, but I hope in time maybe another author or two will take me up on the tit for tat review. Meanwhile, I've combed through the sites of literally a hundred book bloggers and reviewers and pled my case, so some of those should pan out into reviews too. One brilliant young woman has come through for me already; see her review on Amazon... I have a few books on my TBR list now. And I've reviewed a couple. The second one I reviewed proved to be a doozy. It was Everything is Perfect When You're a Liar by Kelly Oxford. My review was selected and featured on edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com and Oxford caught wind of it and tweeted one of my webpages where I'd posted it. Suddenly my stats spiked! Turns out (little did I know, living in a cave as I do) that Oxford has 430,000 followers on twitter. That woman tweets your URL, you get HITS! So yeah that was a fun flash-in-the-pan brush with fame this week. I'm keeping several balls in the air here, site-wise. Building pages is fun and I figure the more the webbier. My main blog is at WebNode at the moment. Their interface is pretty swell. I just thought I'd drop in here and post an update... Still fishing for reviews; still offering same. Follow if you please. Email with review requests. Hope to catch you 'round. Uttley

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