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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Let a Houseplant Die This Year

Just found one more weekly prompt to spur me along.
One Mrsupole (who has been "preventing blogger burnout since 2008") suggests confession as a topic. That's a good one. Let's see...

Sometimes I speak for others when I shouldn't.
Like when someone pauses to come up with the fitting word to get their point across, I'll finish the sentence for them before they get a chance.
Or for example at a restaurant last night, the waiter asked if we wanted wine and I said no, but my gf *did* want wine. Fortunately she spoke up and got some. She's assertive like that. But she shouldn't have had to. I should have allowed everyone at the table to participate in the decision.

My To Review stack of books is going neglected.
I find I have to be in a certain state of mind to read critically and compose a decent review, and this week I just haven't been feeling it. It is to be hoped that I will get back in the groove very soon, lest the authors who have entrusted me with their works show up at my door in an angry mob. Well, there aren't quite that many. An irate posse, perhaps. No one wants an irate posse after them!

I smoke.
So many reasons not to. I really must discipline myself to give them over. It's just so hard...

I stole a bunch of song lyrics.
The publisher who picked up my memoir informs me that it is in fact not okay to drop sizable chunks of other people's work into my own. This will necessitate a significant rewrite before publication. It's sad, because I think the lyrics I chose speak volumes, illustrating what I was going through at the time (especially during my psychosis, when I sang out loud a lot and had very vivid dreams based on a few songs). But rewrite I must, unless I want to be sued by Paul Simon. Lol.

I don't drink enough water.
Practically none, actually. Horrible for me, I know. Here I am, this hydraulic machine, three-quarters water, and I'm going around dehydrated all the time like an engine with no oil. Must. Drink. Water.

Okay, enough confessions for now. Good prompt. In writing to it, I've effectively given myself a to-do (and not-to-do) list.

Cheers Mrsupole,

1 comment:

  1. Oh no, you let a houseplant die, that is so inhumane, just kidding. I have had so many die on me. I can't even grow herbs which are supposed to be so easy to grow. And I am so glad that I have no books to review, seems like it would take the joy out of reading it, at least for me. And I must drink a gallon of water a day, I love ice cold water, something to do with menopause. Have you tried flavored waters? They are pretty good.

    Thanks for sharing so many confessions for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you are having a fun weekend with a new houseplant.

    God bless.


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