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Saturday, October 17, 2015

6 x 107 = 642 words (for 3 hops)

This post links to three hops (!)

First hop is Six Word Fridays
Where we write six word lines
About (this week) the word 'fall'.

Second hop is Five Minute Friday
Where we write for five minutes;
This one's word prompted as well,
And this week's theme is 'green'.

Third hop is Six Word Saturday
And it's just one six-word line
Which describes 'your life (or something)'.

And the last shall be first,
So here's me in one sixer:

Writing like a house on fire...

(click pic to see others' sixers)

Funny thing about 'fall' and 'green':
I just yesterday wrote this haiku
Which pretty much combines the two.

But maybe haiku's not your bag...
So let me say about 'green'
That I think first of greenhorn
As in - newbie on a boat -
Boots, once upon a long-gone time,
I found my young self in.

It was early summer in Alaska,
And I was a college student
Looking for fun work between semesters.

I showed up with a backpack
On an island name of Kodiak,
Met a cool fishing boat skipper,
And said to him, "I am
The luckiest guy you've ever met,
So if you take me fishing,
You'll catch more fish than ever!"

I worked on his awesome boat,
Cold and coated in fish goo,
For darn near three whole months.

We did catch lots of fish.

Three years later, that boat sank
(Probably because I wasn't on it).

So that's my take on 'green'
For the hop at Heading Home
Here at the five minute mark.

(click pic for others' five-minuteses)

Which brings us back to 'fall'...
And what comes quick to mind
Is an old expression I like:
"If you don't stand for something,
You're liable to fall for anything."

As a young man I was
Really quite footloose, happy-go-lucky, and fancy-free.
I followed my whims, chased will-o-the-wisps,
And believed that anything was possible.

Now, at the age of forty-two,
Though still a kid at heart,
I don't believe anything is possible.
I disbelieve reincarnation, for one example
Don't believe in ghosts, for another.

Over the years, I've learned this:
It's important to have firm beliefs.
Not about everything, necessarily, mind you
And not that others' are wrong
But a few hard fast truths
Will get you through tough times.

And that's kinda a 'fall' too...
From innocence and from wide-eyed wonder.

But I still regard the world
With a healthy dose of awe.

I respect that there is mystery
Way beyond our ability to solve.

Wow, it's kinda difficult to stop
Once you get to writing sixes!
I could do this all day,
But I'll leave off, I promise
After taking another run at 'fall'.

Because I think the prompt meant
Fall as in autumn, the season,
And it is my favorite season.

Fall is always a bit melancholy.
I often get the same mood
In fall as at the opera.
It's magnificent, romantic, joyous and tragic.

Also, fall hosts two different holidays,
And by different I mean disparate,
Because Halloween is arguably the silliest,
While Thanksgiving is the most sincere.

I don't know which I prefer.
It's good not to hafta choose.

And, finally, I want to add
Links to two more 'fall' poems,
(In case you have the time,
And happen to be so inclined):
One called "No Tricks This Year"
And another, very different one called

(click pic for others' sequential sixes)

I want to thank you muchly
For bearing patiently along with me
As I've had fun rambling on.
Where would I be without you?
I'd be whistling in the dark.

Okay, I'll stop before I start
Singing "You Light Up My Life."

Suffice it to say, much obliged.

Yr v. hmbl & dvtd srvnt,
Daniel J. (aka Eugene "Meester" Uttley)

p.s. starting Sunday, a $25 giveaway!


  1. Visiting from FMF. Not particularly my genre, but I applaud the discipline needed for haiku writing. Glad I visited. Go Alaska.


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