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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Double Denouement

Hello, what's this? A six-sentence story link-up? By all means!

Seems every writer's space I enter yields an excuse to push the pen.

Surely this teetering homework pile can wait another hour or two.

Let's see what can be done in six sentences, shall we?

Dirk Freytag jammed his thumb down on the red record button of an old cassette tape machine, clearing his throat rather importantly as he did so, then proceeded to say absolutely nothing for about ten minutes as the heads of the cassette audibly dragged the ragged, oft reused ribbon to one side.

At a sharp, rapid rapping upon the small house’s outer door, Freytag thumbed the machine off again, dragged his sleeve quickly across his eyes and rose, his great knees creaking beneath his bulk.

Sliding the deadbolt, he opened the door just far enough to peer out, and found himself suddenly nose to nose with a squinting, blinking, apparently myopic, strikingly birdlike young woman peering in.

“Mister… Freytag?” inquired the woman, reading the name off of a steno pad held so close to her high-crested head that she seemed to be trying to hear, rather than see it.

“I suppose you’ve come from the agency... to take dictation,” breathed Freytag, “thank the Good Lord in Heaven.”

“Yes, I… Why… Mister Freytag are you… Is that a… Yes, I’ve come to take dictation!”

(click on the image to check out more six-sentence flash)


  1. Wow..
    You have a great style..
    I love how this is written...you can really feel it..

  2. Wow..
    You have a great style..
    I love how this is written...you can really feel it..

  3. Just as some people have difficulty transitioning to the new technologies of the current time period, so was it in the past when the dictator had to speak to a machine rather than to a secretary with pen and steno pad. Great six sentence story. I love how you let the reader fill in the prompt word.

  4. Great story, all done in six sentences.

  5. I imagine he is dictating his legacy to his progeny. Lovely story.

  6. In every age there are those very nervous of new technology. It is curious we want life to get better so long as it doesn't change too much. Great use of the prompt.


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