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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

One For The Moms

As I bounce around the old blog-o-sphere and facebook and twitter in the neverending quest for diverting content and meaningful interaction, I find myself very often in the company of folks with whom I would seem to have very little in common: the Moms!

Hi Moms. It's high time I did my best to write a post just for you. I'll try not to depress, or alarm or distress. My intent is to explain why I show up at your parties. Maybe you've been wondering... 

I know my blogs don't tend to offer the sort of content most commonly found at Mom link-ups. I don't have kids or a spouse, and don't really cook or craft, Still, I tweet and retweet parenting posts and recipes and diy stuff often enough, just to share the love. I also tweet plenty of fashion and travel stuff, and giveaways... yeah, my twitter feed is really where to look if it's that kind of content you're after.

And what about me? What am I after? Am I some kind of creep or stalker? No! Am I just fiending for blog traffic, likes and comments, regardless of who or why? Again, no. Well, okay... a little bit... but seriously, not really. What I am after is mainly (drumroll) the writing!

I am a writer, lifelong. I have great, prolific periods, and then creative downtimes too when I produce next to nada or feel like I'm just going through the motions. It cycles for me. But even when I'm not writing much myself, or maybe especially then, I really enjoy the writing of others. I savor the voice and attitude behind the writing. Word choice and sentence structure, imagery and slang and the way we let ourselves be profound, sometimes, as we write - more profound maybe than when we speak.

So now you know the main reason I show up at link-ups where mine is the odd blog out on the linky. I'm there for the writing! And just to socialize of course - get a little back and forth going here and there. Also to take notes on the tricks of the social media networking trade which many of you seem so good at. And for the pictures! And yes, the inspiration. Many of the Moms are so upbeat, it's invigorating. Of course, I also enjoy the wry and droll and snarky Moms.

Earnestness, honesty, humor, all of these are of equal importance to me. And I find these qualities nearly wherever I look, regardless of the actual subject of the post. How to build a birdhouse? Okay, if the writer has an interesting way with language. Taking the tots to the park? Sure, if the verbs are colorful enough. What to wear to be the belle of the ball? Why not? Maybe she'll say something funny in there somewhere.

Okay, Moms, I'll let you go. Oh, wait, I just remembered something I was going to mention. Would you believe... I am a member of Bloggy Moms? Haha yeah! For years I have been, Not that I ever do anything there except look around but hey - can I hang or what?

Alrighty well, thanks for reading. What do you think? Does it make sense? Are you a little less worried now about me being a wolf in sheep's clothing or some such? I really hope so.

See you 'round the playground!

Diary of an imperfect mum

My Random Musings

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  1. i think its nice to introduce yourself and explain what youre about because you'll often find you have more in common with them that you thought!
    thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

  2. Right you are. Thank you for reading!


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